What do you think summer will be like?

Hello world, 
What do you think 2020 summer will be like? Will things ever open back up? 
With everything being closed, what will everyone do this summer? I know my family and I plan on buying a pool and spending quality time together. But with all the fun comes the time to work. I will go back to working at the daycare five days a week. I honestly love working at the daycare and seeing all the kids. Throughout the summer they get so used to you and learn your name and get close to you and I do not think there is a better feeling. I have been at this daycare for four summers now, and I have come to realize that I love working with kids and this has led me to want to further my nursing career into being a pediatric nurse. Not only do I work with kids all summer, but I also work with this during the dance season. I am a dance teaching assistant. We teach the younger kids dances and we work on those dances September through May until the day of our recital. Unfortunately, we had to cancel …

Woof woof!!

Hello world, 
Today’s blog has to do with the furry four legged friends. Yes I am talking about our lovely animals! What kind of animals do you have? 
During this quarantine, I know my furry friends have enjoyed my being home more :) I have a brown miniature wiener dog and two fluffy cats. My dog's name is Lucy, my one cat's name is Raven, and the other is Sadie. Lucy loves to lay around and cuddle while I sit and work on my college assignments. She loves to be outside and suntan :) we have a pretty decent sized yard and she loves to take her ball and play all through the yard. Once she is tired of playing, she will literally stop in her tracks and lay down in the crash and suntan. We have definitely played more fetch than we did when my life was busy. 
When it comes to my two cats… they are both super lazy. Sadie is getting old and just likes to sleep on blankets. She loves attention and loves to play every once in a while. The only thing is… she does not like actual cat toys. Sh…

What do you do in all your free time?

Hello world, 
With this pandemic happening in the world, we have all been blessed with all of this unwanted free time. What have you done during this quarantine? Leave a comment about your quarantine fun stories!
Well for me, once I finished the work I had for the day, I would take my sister and go walking for a few hours just to get out of the house. It was nice to stay active and also enjoy the nice weather. Being stuck in the house can become very boring and take a toll on your mental health. Other than walking a bunch, I have also helped my mom redo a few rooms in her house. For three days, we spent every amount of free time tearing off the wallpaper she had in her dining room. It had been on there for so long, it would come off in two layers. It was very time consuming, but it gave us something else to do besides sit and twiddle our thumbs lol. Once we tore off all the wallpaper, we had to fill in all the holes with mud and wait for that to dry. Once that was dry, we had to sand ev…

What is it like being a nursing student in a pandemic.

Hello world, 
Growing up, I always had my mind set on what I wanted to be when I grew up.. a nurse. My sister spent most of her younger years in the hospital which meant I was there too. Seeing the way the nurses treated her really made me appreciate everything they did for every single one of their patients. No one in my family is a nurse so I did not really have anyone to shadow or look up to when it came to a nurse. 
My first year of nursing school was hard, but it was not nursing hard. It was hard biology. The actual challenge that year was getting through anatomy & physiology. I managed to make it through my first year of nursing school with a 3.3 gpa. I soon realized the actual hardness of nursing school the start of my sophomore year. Sophomore year meant taking two hard nursing classes on top of taking a hard biology course. I thought that tested my limits, but I was wrong. 
I believe the hardest thing I have done in the twenty years I have been on this earth would be finishi…

College kid in a pandemic, say whattt?

Hello world, 
I know I talked about this in last week's blog, but this is my everyday life now, being a college student in a pandemic and nothing else. 
Going from face to face classes to online classes was a hard pill I had to swallow. Going online meant I would not have the full access to the professor's time when I needed help, I would not have that quiet space I would take to do assignments between class, I would not have peers to lean on when I did not understand a concept. We all had to adapt to the new "normal". Professors had to switch their lesson plans from interactive to online where interactive may not be possible. 
For me, I feel like the hardest part was going through the powerpoints and teaching myself the content of the chapter. I am not good at teaching myself things. I can not just read through the slides and retain the information. I have to have someone read the powerpoints, explain them and write them down and key points I can remember from the info…

The busy life that became a boring life

Hello world, 
Never in a million years did I think I would have to finish a semester online due to a pandemic.  I did not think it was possible for my busy life to become a boring life in a blink of an eye. 
The week after our spring break is when everything broke loose. This is when every university shut down for a few more weeks, but those few weeks turned into a month, and then that month turned into the rest of the semester. One thing after another started to go downhill. First college was moved to online, then my dance studio closed down, then the bowling alley I bowl at closed down, so I was left with literally nothing to do but school work. If this was any other situation, I would have been happy to have all the time in the world to do all the college work I had but that meant I was stuck in my house 24/7 with no one besides my family to actually talk to. 
The lesson from today’s blog would be to not take anything for granted. I feel like we all take what we have for granted and do…

Sleep..... I love sleep!

Hello world, 
If you are anything like me, you love your sleep. When I got older, my mom always told me that I hated taking naps as a little girl.. But doesn’t every kid? :) As we get older, I feel like we appreciate sleep more and more. Being in college can take away that time for a decent night's sleep if you do not manage your time. 
With this pandemic happening and all the schools, including universities, getting shut down, everyone had to go online. This brought on a tremendous challenge for me. I know as a kid, I always wished school would get canceled for a snow day or something but that was because that meant I could sleep in and would not have any work to do (schoolwork that is). Well, with the universities finishing the semester out online, it really was a challenge. My alarm goes off every morning at eight o’clock in the morning. There will be days when I do not talk myself into getting out of bed until ten o’clock or later. Staying home every day and doing nothing but be…